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Parquet storage conditions

Since parquet is produced from natural wood, it tends to change its size depending on the temperature and air humidity. In order to maintain the quality of the parquet for longer, it must be transported and stored in line with the following instructions.

1.It is advisable to transport parquet in a closed vehicle.
2.During storage, the packaging must be protected from direct moisture (rain, snow, water).
3.Store the parquet in the original packaging in a room with air humidity up to 50%. It is advisable to open the packaging only when the installation is about to be started.
4.The parquet must be installed onto a well-prepared base with an appropriate level of moisture (up to 9–12%).
5.The recommended air humidity indoors must not exceed 50% both during the installation and afterwards.

The factory assumes responsibility for the quality of the parquet only if the purchaser has complied with all storage, accommodation and use instructions.

Parquet flooring use conditions

1. Parquet flooring may be used 8–14 days after is treated with varnish or oil.
2. We do not recommend placing carpets on treated floors during the first few days after the treatment. When carrying out further finishing works, it is prohibited to cover the floor with polyurethane film, since it prevents the treatment agents from drying properly (varnish, oil). Soft cardboard may be used instead of film. Furniture and other household items must be carried and placed in the room carefully. We recommend sticking felt pads to table and chair legs to prevent scratching the floor as furniture is moved.
3. It is permitted to treat parquet flooring with parquet care products, but no sooner than 10 days after coating the floors in oil or varnish.
4. Air humidity damages wood floors, therefore it is crucial to ensure proper air humidity. The recommended air temperature is +18oC to +23oC and the relative humidity is between 30% and 55%. Air humidity tends to be higher in summer and lower in winter, and flooring that swells in the summer season will develop small gaps in the winter. Stable air humidity leads to longer life of parquet flooring. We highly recommend using air humidity sensors to adjust the climate in the room. During the winter season, when air humidity drops below 30%, we recommend using air humidifiers.
5. it is prohibited to wash parquet flooring washed with a wet mop! Use a damp mop instead.

If you observe these conditions, your parquet flooring will look beautiful and as good as new for years to come.

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