SELECT grade oak parquet

A new form for classical taste

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Characteristic of the SELECT is the natural colour contrast of its ring fibres as well as its light and dark medullar rays. It is an outstanding selected material with a more curved, more dynamic natural wood fibre vein and consistent colour.

EXCLUSIVE ozola šķirojums
Ozola parkets SELECT

Standard dimensions of parquet board:
Width (A) = 68 mm
Thickness (B) = 16 mm
Length (C) = 204mm, 272mm, 340mm, 408mm, 476mm

Permissible deviations from the standard:
Width (A) ± 0,02 mm
Thickness (B) ± 0,1 mm

Length (C) ± 0,02 mm

Moisture 8 ± 2%

Tehniskā specifikācija

Technical parameters
Wood: oak
Moisture: 8 ± 2 %
Precision of dimensions:
– width and length up to 0.02 mm
– thickness up to 0.1 mm
– chipping and irregularities in the surface up to 0.2 mm

Class “SELECT”
Tangential, semi-radial and radial profile with a natural, rippled wood grain.
The colour of the board is uniform, and the wood possesses a beautiful, natural contrast of colours in the annual rings. In rare cases, light and dark medullary rays of different sizes and directions may be visible. Tiny knot formations in diameters up to 2–3 mm may occur. The permissible maximum deviation from the absolute parallelism (lateral edges) is 25°.
The size of annual rings is not limited.

There must be no
– Knots
– Visually perceptible crevices
– Sapwood
– Bands of several annual rings that differ from the principal colour in their tone.

Non-conformity of the parquet to the company requirements up to 1% is permitted.
Parquet quality certificate No 1709/2010.

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